Individual Differences

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Meet Roy, elementary school student.  Some children learn with more ease than others.  Every child learns with more ease than Roy.  He wants nothing from life except to be left alone: shy, silent, whittling off pieces of his desk in hopes that he’ll eventually find one that tastes good.  

But his ill-tempered, hatchet-faced teacher (we’ll call her “Howard”) will have none of that.  She goes out of her way to make an example of his dimness in front of the class, in order to teach valuable lessons to the other kids.  These lessons primarily consist of new and exciting ways to make fun of Roy.  She especially likes comparing him to his golden-boy older brother, George.  Oh, you know George?  Yeah, he is great, isn’t he!  Just so smart, and strong, but still humble and decent...sorry, got lost in a “George” moment.  It’s hard not to when he’s so much better than Roy.  Roy really is the turd in the punchbowl of that family.  You have to wonder what happened in the gene pool there...I mean, uh, being different is cool!

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill as they ponder the horrors of Individual Differences!  And don’t forget a bag of rotten fruit to throw at Roy’s piano recital!

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Release date

June 25, 2010


24 minutes

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