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Get That Job

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Get That Job is an instructional film that teaches adults all the secret tips for landing a high paying job. First and foremost, if a potential employer asks if you actually needed to watch a film called Get That Job in order to learn how to get a job, strongly deny having ever even heard of Get That Job.

Our main protagonist is a Ginger Walrus. After receiving his GED from Night School (Motto: Show Your Probation Card for half off science classes), he wants a job. The problem is, where to start? So he goes to a library to look for books about resumes, which is really what you should be doing instead of watching a worthless short film like Get That Job.

Eventually, he lands the big interview with a boss who is in no way overcompensating for his baldness by growing a ridiculous beard. Will our hero smooth talk his way into a dream job? Or will he mistakenly inform the delusional man interviewing him that he looks like the worst Wooly Willy variation imaginable in a suit. Join Mike, Kevin and Bill to find out!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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