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Horror!  Romance!  Spine-tingling suspense!  Carnival of Souls will make you long to be watching a movie that contains any of these things!  In fact, you'd probably settle for a movie that contains a discernible plot.  Instead you get lead actress Candace Hilligoss, notable for having one eyebrow that is consistently raised higher than the other.  Along her journey to Utah (most of which is shown in real time) she meets colorful characters such as "The greasy guy in the boarding house," and "The priest who disapproves of her organ playing.

Carnival of Souls is grim, unsettling and contains 150% of your daily recommended dose of organ music.  Therefore, it is like putty in the hands of master riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of and Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Watch as they shape this filmic atrocity into a hilarious lump of comedy, which, from the right angle, kind of resembles an ashtray.  Happy Father's Day!

Please note the sample is from the colorized VOD version of this riff!

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