Dreamscape (Janet Varney and Cole Stratton)

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If you die in your dreams, do you die in real life? That's, like, the conceit of this Sci-Fi classic(?) from 1984 in which a young psychic played by Dennis Quaid (who really shoulda seen his brother Randy's weird behavior on the horizon) works with a sorta-understandable scientist Swede Max Von Sydow to go inside people's dreams. See Kate Capshaw's mega-80s hair! Listen to a barely-awake Christopher Plummer as a steely government agent! Watch David Patrick Kelly creepily eat a sandwich! And throw in George "Norm!" Wendt in a bar no less! Oh, and did we mention claymation special effects? IS THERE NO PLEASING YOU?

RiffTrax Presents team Janet Varney (the voice of Korra from Avatar!) and Cole Stratton (the voice of a new generation -- or is that Pepsi?) return to the riffing booth after a three year absence to pick up where they left off -- riffing another cheesy 80s genre pic!

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June 19, 2015


98 minutes

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