Don't Be a Bloody Idiot

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Life in Australia can be extremely hazardous.  There's Tasmanian devil attacks, lethal doses of vegemite and large, bearded, drunken men.  And that's just in the Parliament building!*

Once you head out into the bush - just allow that to sink in for a second - the dangers of a vest wearing man disparaging the size of your knife become that much more pronounced.  Thus, if you plan on camping in Australia, Don't Be A Bloody Idiot: watch Don't Be A Bloody Idiot.  

Mike, Kevin and Bill, (all of them Stickybeaks), pool their last Brass Razoo, try not to act like a bunch of Ockers and google "Australian slang" to find out what the hell we're talking about as they riff one of the finest 1970s Australian camping safety films they've ever seen: Don't Be A Bloody Idiot.

*We know they have a parliament because the Australian guy Bart prank calls goes to his local member of parliament to try to sort out the issue before turning to the prime minister. 

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October 26, 2010

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