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Do you like Courtesy?  How about Egg Puns?  After a few drinks, have you been known to expound at length about how Sheldon, the egg with legs, was truly the unsung hero of the US Acres segments of the late 80's animated show "Garfield and Friends"? Yes?  You have? Then kindly stay away from us, as that is just a comedically specific quirk that we made up thinking that nobody could ever really have and it is really creepy that you actually do that.

Instead of drinking and lecturing us, why not tune into the latest RiffTrax short, Courtesy: A Good Eggsample.  Forgoing human actors, as Tommy Wiseau did in "The Room", and instead replacing them with eggs, Courtesy: A Good Eggsample breaks bold new ground in the field of courtesy education.  Mainly it does this through a relentless combination of groaning egg puns and horrible synth music, stopping briefly at the end to inform us that we've learned an important lesson about courtesy.

The stop-motion animation nature of the film leads us to believe that substantially more time was invested in this short than many of the ones we've done before, which makes it even more impressive that it fails to deliver a moral with even a shred of coherence.  On the other hand, they resisted the urge to name the lead characters something as obvious as "Eggbert" and "Benedict."

This just in, I'm being informed that, no, they in fact did not resist that urge.

Mike, Kevin and Bill team up for eggseptional riffing on Courtesy: A Good Eggsample


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December 28, 2010

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