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Before going any further, we should stop to let you know that our new short County Fair was produced by ACI, the same acid-fueled company that brought us the notorious Grasses short. We’ll pause now while those of you who have seen Grasses stop reading this immediately to purchase County Fair.

Ah, the rural county fair -- the kind of place that everyone takes their children, then immediately remembers that county fairs are no place for children, or decent folk of any age. Carnies, deep-fried treats that make the KFC Double Down seem like a heart-healthy option, and rides that are either 100% rust or coated in the blood of previous riders, there’s no end to the number of ways a county fair wants to kill you. County Fair takes this bacteria farm of an environment and adds new levels of terror, with songs straight out of a bottomless David Lynch fever dream.

Dip your funnel cake in liquid mescaline and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill on the ferris wheel to eternity with County Fair!

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Release date

May 6, 2011

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