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William From Georgia to Harlem

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William: From Georgia to Harlem. At last, the prequel to RiffTrax classic Guy From Harlem the world’s been screaming for! Sure, we all knew he was from Harlem, but where was he from before THAT? Answers at last!

Country boy and overalls-with-no-shirt-underneath enthusiast William finds his world turned upside-down when his family picks up and moves from drab rural poverty in Georgia to bleak urban poverty in Harlem. Ohhhh, so THAT’S where they got the title from! Because, you see, William moves from Georgia to Harlem. I get it now. It’s a very subtle title.

Harlem is a strange new world for William, as he struggles to get along with Calvin, a kid with an inexplicable and extreme hatred of tractors. When a terrifying hardcore gang (aka, a few kids who smoke cigarettes) attacks William and Calvin in the park, his small town values are put to the test. Will he survive? Will he remain “from Georgia”, and if not at what point does he technically become “from Harlem”? Will Calvin ever get over his weird tractor thing? Find out with Mike, Kevin and Bill as they take a trip with William From Georgia to Harlem!

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Release date

September 17, 2015


16 minutes