Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory (Matthew J. Elliott and Ian Potter)

Contains a brief scene of simulated animal harm involving a dog.

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They come out at night, they feast on human blood, and they can only be repelled by a crucifix or the odor of garlic. They are, of course, vampires. But nobody ever made a movie about a vampire in a girls' dormitory, so there's this instead.

A lycanthrope is mutilatin—okay, not really mutilating. He's kind of savaging—All right, he's not exactly savaging them. The werewolf just kind of nuzzles his schoolgirl victims (none of whom are of schoolgoing age, but not yet ready to retire to Florida, either) until they die in a nonspecific fashion because werewolf.

But who could the werewolf be in his downtime? Is it the creepy teacher? The other creepy teacher? The other other creepy teacher? Or could it be the creepy janitor? Grab a round of silver bullets, then join the Brit-Riffers and find out!

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Poster art by Jason Martian
Poster art by Jason Martian

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Average: 8.6 (48 votes)

Content Rating


Animal harm
Sexual content

Release date

August 21, 2020


83 minutes