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Voting at 18

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What young citizen doesn’t look forward to the freedoms that come with turning 18? Lottery tickets, cigarettes, being able to click “yes I’m 18” on websites with slightly less shame. Oh, and also voting. Voting is pretty cool too, even if you can’t buy it at a convenience store. 

And if there’s anyone who understands “cool” it’s Coronet Films.Voting at 18 is especially cool, bordering on groovy, because it’s a rare Coronet Film from the 70s!  Dig the haircuts, the clothes, the random shots of drug use and international strife meant to indicate “these difficult times.” Yeah, times were difficult back then too, who knew? Coronet did, that’s who!

No matter your age, you’re legally allowed and encouraged to enjoy Voting at 18 with Mike, Kevin, and Bill. Strap on a big hairdo and some sideburns and head on down to the Place of Registration, baby!

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Movie Decade

Movie Decade

Release date

November 1, 2020


12 minutes