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Cynthia Rothrock (who kicked far fewer asses than you’d expect in Santa’s Summer House but more than makes up for it here) competes in the surprisingly lucrative L.A. street fighting circuit.

The rules? You lose if you touch the ground or try to pet Blanka. Meanwhile, across town, a therapist has convinced a woman to leave her husband. He’s a violent maniac, but we think she was mainly concerned with his mullet perm. The maniac, named Stingray, starts killing every woman with a passing resemblance to his wife, one of whom turns out to be Cynthia’s sister. And that’s when the punching starts. 

It all culminates in a warehouse (it’s a RiffTrax movie, where else?) where we witness one of the greatest fight scenes of all time. Sorry, slight correction, one of the gruntiest fight scenes of all time. Shirts get ripped, knives get licked, and our trusty RiffTrax captioner has to figure out how many H’s are in “HUAGHHH!”

Directed by Honor and Glory’s Godfrey Ho — and also starring many of its notable grunters — Undefeatable mashes the kick and punch buttons until it’s the last fighter standing.

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for a prime slice of '90s martial arts Rothschlock!

Written by Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Conor Lastowka, Jason MIller, Zachary Shatzer

Rated TV-14 for bloody violence, adult language, scenes of domestic violence, and brief nudity.

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Poster art by Rob Israel
Poster art by Rob Israel

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June 21, 2024


75 minutes
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