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Top Gun: Maverick

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Some “Unspecified Bad Guys” are building “Something Very Bad” in a “Country That Shall Remain Unspecified So As To Not Harm Foreign Box Office Receipts.” If they’re able to complete this device, many people will die, and more importantly, the Navy’s shirtless volleyball game could be interrupted. 

Tom Cruise is determined not to let this happen, despite the fact that he is now as old as Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau combined were when they filmed Grumpy Old Men. Thankfully, there are some youthful pilots whose main training at the Naval Academy appears to have been re-enacting all your favorite moments from the original Top Gun. Maverick has to take them under his wing to make sure they master the fine points of aerial combat, such as “clearing rights for songs that appeared in the original movie” and “picking a really stupid code name.” 

You’ll spend most of the movie pointing at the screen like that DiCaprio meme, but that’s OK because the good guys go pew pew and the bad guys go kaboom and nobody says “They can fly now?!”

Join Mike, Kevin, Bill, Rooster, Payback, Coyote, Omaha, Left Eye, Meechee, Baby Bop, Frankenweenie, King Gizzard, Lakitu, Ecks, Sever, Boognish, GZA, Newman, and Moose Baby for Top Gun: Maverick.


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Poster art by Michael Kupperman
Poster art by Michael Kupperman

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November 10, 2023


120 minutes