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The Myths of Shoplifting

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Shoplifting! Before they invented bittorrent, the five fingered discount was all the rage with the teens (second only to the storied AARP discount.) But there were lots of “myths” about shoplifting. That it was a “victimless crime.” That you “won’t go to jail.” That if you “shoplift a Gorgon’s head, Pegasus will leap out of it.”

The Myths of Shoplifting is here to clear up all of these misconceptions. It does this using the controversial “all dork cast” method that was so popular in the seventies. Watch as they attempt to steal makeup, records, and a pocket calculator! Even more impressive is that they are attempting all of these thefts in a Sunglass Hut, which to the best of our knowledge does not sell any of those things. We believe it sells sunglasses.

Of course, this short was not very effective, since all the cool kids were already cutting class to shoplift stuff.

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for The Myths of Shoplifting!

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