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The Color of Health

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What is The Color of Health? Sort of yellowish, with lime green undertones and massive bright red bumps? Because if not, we'd better get to a doctor ASAP.

The Color of Health is an educational short from the 60s, so you know right away it’ll be bright, colorful, stylish, and that you won’t learn anything true.

Two children sit in an abstract shell of a house surrounded by mid-century modern details that would make HGTV swoon. They can’t stop talking about health and food groups - you know how kids are! And of course, the short reveals that the solution to all health problems is to eat more bread. White bread, cereal, more white bread: that’s the key to a healthy diet, kids! Might that have something to do with the fact this short was funded by the American Bakers Association? Nah, we’re probably just being cynical.

Grab a big loaf of the good stuff and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for The Color of Health!

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June 27, 2023


11 minutes
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