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The Brain From Planet Arous

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When a giant evil floating brain arrives on Earth, everyone has the same question: does it come in peace? It responds by blasting people, taking over bodies with psychic powers, and lunging at women. Yep: it’s a close encounter and the third kind is horny AF

The evil brain shows up at a place called Mystery Mountain, which sounds like the name of a ride at a traveling carnival that has a handwritten sign on it that says “Closed pending trial outcome.” Our hero is played by John Agar, who does not appear to have any discernible charisma, but at least Wikipedia informs us married Shirley Temple when she was 17 years old. Wait, maybe we should be rooting for the giant evil brain…?

Fortunately, accompanying the giant evil brain is a giant good brain. At least it tells us it’s good. And if you can’t trust a giant floating brain that looks exactly like the giant floating brain who just attacked your wife, who can you trust? The Good Brain proceeds to take over a dog’s body. Will it be able to save humanity? Or is it just an excuse to eat out of the cat’s litter box when everyone else leaves the house? Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for The Brain From Planet Arous and find out for yourself!

Written by: Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Conor Lastowka, Sean Thomason, Jason Miller, and Zachary Shatzer

Contains attempted sexual assault, blood, smoking, and flashing lights.

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Poster art by Rob Israel
Poster art by Rob Israel

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Release date

February 2, 2024


69 minutes