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San Franpsycho

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A menace stalks the streets of San Francisco.

Shirt untucked and tie loosened like someone who’s just been ejected from a dog track, it lures you in with its resemblance to a more famous actor, only to disappoint when it hits you up for spare change when you ask “Hey, weren’t you in Apocalypse Now?” Its house decorated with bottles of vermouth, its office with various jugs of bleach because, why not — you gotta put that abundant police department bleach somewhere. Neighbors close their windows when it passes, lest its powerful schlub energy causes them to somehow become thrice-divorced, even if they weren’t even married in the first place. It has a flip phone. Its name is Joe Estevez.

Oh, there’s also a murderer murdering people, and the police don’t have a single clue. What they do have is a team of civilians they’re needlessly endangering: a priest who deeply understands the psychology of serial killers for reasons we’re not allowed to question, a frazzled local news anchor who seems to be constantly on the verge of saying “such as seals,” and her boyfriend, Barry, who looks more like a Barry than anyone has ever looked like a Barry.

San Francisco has never appeared blurrier and lower-rez than in San Franpsycho! Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill to kick off The Summer of Estevez!


Written by: Mike Nelson, Conor Lastowka, Sean Thomason

Contributing writers: Zach Shatzer and Jason Miller

Rated TV-MA for adult language, bloody violence, and excessive amounts of Joe Estevez.

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Poster art by Jennifer Albright
Poster art by Jennifer Albright

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Average: 9.3 (129 votes)

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Adult language
Graphic violence


Movie Decade

Release date

July 16, 2021


87 minutes