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RiffTrax Live: RAD

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Teens! Bikes! Feathered Hair! Leotards and acid-washed denim! Ass-sliding! It’s all here in the legendary Eighties BMX-racing action-drama-romance RAD

Starring Rocky’s Talia Shire, Olympian Bart Conner, and Defendant Lori Loughlin, RAD tells the saga of Cru, a small-town kid who dreams of making it big in the elite world of professional Racing Around in the Dirt on Tiny Bicycles. When an international race called Helltrack comes to town, he’s ready to leave everybody in his dust… As long as he can get his mommy’s permission to compete. Can he overcome the obstacles? Can he win the respect of the World Champion Tiny Bicycle racers? And can he win the heart of the Tiny-Bike-Racing girl? 

You’ll also get to see two Gumby shorts featuring witches, dinosaurs, and a complete disregard for cohesive storytelling!

Join Mike, Bill, and Kevin as they spin, flip, and bike-dance into your hearts with RiffTrax Live: RAD! 

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Poster art by Nina Matsumoto.
Poster art by Nina Matsumoto.

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Release date

November 3, 2023


120 minutes
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