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MST3K: The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

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Sinbad, the legendary sailor, returns from his magical voyage around the world to his home town of Kovasahn. Wait, is this movie over before it even begins?

The citizens of Kovasahn have a major case of the renaissance blues, as they suffer under the cruel yoke of their merchant masters. Sinbad’s answer to their troubles? Leave immediately! But not before catching a golden fish, holding wacky crew try-outs, falling in love, building a fleet, and lots and lots of cavorting—anything to limit the amount of sailing footage.

Hike up your chinderwear, travel to exotic lands, and join Joel and the ‘bots to ask these ancient questions:

Will Sinbad find the Bird of Happiness? Is anything in this movie remotely Arabian? Who will win the SOL-tie Award for “Best Performance by a Red Gumball Machine-Looking Robot in a Funny Situation”? The answers may surprise you!

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Release Date

August 5, 2019


90 minutes


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