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Monkey See, Monkey Do: Verbs

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In working on Monkey See, Monkey Do: Verbs, we came across a rare find: a behind-the-scenes audio recording from the making of the film! Before submitting the material to a museum, where it belongs, we've transcribed the conversation: Producer Norman Bean and Director of Photography, Carl, working at the height of their craft. Enjoy!

Norman Bean: Carl, I'd like to talk to you about the footage you shot for our new educational short on verbs. I asked you to film, let's see...a playground, a beach, a softball game, and the Fourth of July parade.

Carl: Ah, yep. I didn't do any of that.

Norman Bean: I see that, Carl. It seems you just went to the zoo and filmed some monkeys.

Carl: Yep, sure did. They got some pretty good monkeys, down there at the zoo.

Norman Bean: In fact you only filmed them for about three minutes, and then looped that footage three times.

Carl: Did I? Heh, heh. Well, I was pretty stoned.

Norman Bean: This doesn't teach anything. In fact it might make children dumber.

Carl: Norm, I got an 8-year old. He spent an hour yesterday playing with some tin foil he found in the bottom of his backpack. Kids are morons. They'll watch anything. Let's slap a crappy song on it and head to the strip club. 'Strip' - now there's a verb!

Norman Bean: Good Lord, I...okay. Okay, fine. This is not our proudest day.

Carl: Look at them monkeys scratch!

After serious consideration of the material, Mike, Kevin, and Bill implore you to - HOLY COW TAKE A LOOK AT THESE MONKEYS! THEY ARE FREAKING HILARIOUS!

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October 18, 2010


10 minutes