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Magical Field Trip to the Denver Mint

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The title Magical Field Trip to the Denver Mint is a bit redundant, since obviously ANY field trip to the Denver Mint is going to be magical.

What makes this particular journey to a penny factory so special? Well, naturally, it all starts with a vacuum cleaner!

The vacuum cleaner in question is wielded by Rosie O’Flanagan, a whimsical supernatural being whose main power is… being extremely Irish. When three youngsters are bored in their school library, Rosie and her vacuum appear to whisk them away to, you guessed it, the Denver Mint! Does this make more sense when you watch the short? Not really!

The kids get to explore the ugliest, dullest rooms at the industrial plant, all while Rosie does her magical thing of… well, being Irish. Rosie O’Flanagan should really team up with the Grocery Witch from Magical Disappearing Money and use their combined powers to bother people about small change.

Join Mike, Kevin, Bill, Rosie O’Flanagan and a bucket of nickels for Magical Field Trip to the Denver Mint!

Written by Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason

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July 2, 2022


11 minutes