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Life in the Suburbs (Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl)

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Riffing together again for the first time! Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl! Don't miss the first installment in their new series.


According to research, everyday more and more Americans are leaving our big cities and moving to the suburbs. Entire apartment buildings empty overnight! Schools close from lack of students! Everyone wants a lawn and they want it now! You, like many people, may have questions about this phenomenon. Who exactly are these people? Are they people with particular interests and particular goals? And most importantly do they know HOW to live in the suburbs?

Well, these are the people Redbook magazine calls YOUNG ADULTS. And these Young Adults are going to learn from Redbook magazine how to correctly live in the “AGE OF THE PUSH BUTTON!” With Redbook as your guide, learn the importance of, malls, cars, malls, appliances, malls, easy living and malls.

Join MST3K favorites Mary Jo and Bridget as they Riff you through a “Happy-Go-Spending-Whirl” of 1957 consumerism, lust and greed.

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