Let's Give Kitty a Bath

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Cats. They’re famous for many things: mouse hunting, napping in sunshine, serving attitude, and, of course, cleaning themselves. They spend roughly 80% of every day licking their own fur in this endless quest for hygiene. Does that matter to the two kids psychotically obsessed with giving kitty a bath in Let’s Give Kitty a Bath? As you may have guessed by now, it does not!

It’s a live-action Looney Tune as this young boy and girl chase a cat around the house for bathing. It’s not  even clear that the cat belongs to them, or that this is their house. There is a criminal air about these children, and the lengths to which they’ll go to bathe this undirty cat will astonish you.

Let the ransacking commence. Order some cat-catching products from Acme and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Let’s Give Kitty a Bath!


Written by: Mike Nelson, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason


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