King of Kong Island (with Matthew J. Elliott and Ian Potter)

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Guns, girls, grappling, gorillas, slightly gray looking greenery! This film has it all!

King of Kong Island is the action-packed tale of a scantily-clad jungle girl, some people who speak English without seeming to understand it and sometimes without bothering to move their lips, a mad scientist friend of theirs they’ve lost touch with a bit and their very many cigarettes. It seems almost impossible for these many disparate elements to fuse together into one coherent and gripping narrative, doesn’t it? Well, that didn’t stop the makers of this bizarre Italian adventure story giving it a go anyhow.

Hey, it was the 60s, a lot of people were experimenting. In this case they were experimenting with planting radio spares in apes’ brains so they could be controlled remotely. Everyone needs a hobby, don’t they?

Our square-jawed and trapezoid-chested hero, Burt, is drawn into a world of intrigue, stock footage of wildlife, terrifying disco-dancing and advanced brain surgery in this extraordinary film that everyone claims features a relative of King Kong. With the help of your intrepid riffers, Matthew J Elliott and Ian Potter, you will be able to join those happy few who have made it through to the end to find out if that’s actually true. You may not be quite as happy as them when you get there, but you’ll laugh a lot along the way and you’ll never make it through Kong Island without us.

Wherever it turns out that is…

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Poster art by Jason Martian
Poster art by Jason Martian

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Release date

January 28, 2014


86 minutes