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Karate Cop

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John Travis (Ron Marchini) is back! Who? You know, the guy from Omega Cop? Played a cop, possibly the Omega Cop? Well he’s back!

Of course, he probably never left the studio lot. He didn’t seem to have a lot going on. Always changed the subject when we asked about his wife, borrowed money but wouldn’t say what he needed it for. You could hear him crying in the bathroom in between takes. But hey, now he knows karate! And it’s possible that he plays the Karate Cop!

Omega Cop had Adam West and it’s hard to fill his shoes. So the producers didn’t even try and instead just nudged David Carradine awake. (He had passed out on top of a pile of rags that they were going to try to assemble into a passable Adam West dummy, but once he was awake he seemed sober enough and they figured they’d just cast him in the movie instead.) There’s also teleportation, jackyrabbit stew, a prominent spiral staircase, and a guy who paints his face like a cat who is named, you guessed it: Snake.

You might notice we have not mentioned Karate. There is not too much of it. Considering the talent they were working with, that’s probably a good thing. Please join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Karate Cop.

Written by: Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason

Contributing Writers: Jason Miller, Zachary Shatzer, and Gail Simone

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Poster art by Jason Martian
Poster art by Jason Martian

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September 27, 2019


78 minutes
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