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In the Line of Duty 2: The Super Cops

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Before we go further, let’s clarify: you don’t need to seek out a movie called In the Line of Duty to enjoy In the Line of Duty II: The Super Cops, because it’s not really a sequel to anything.

You also don’t need to see SuperCop, because it’s not connected to that movie. Except that Michelle Yeoh is in both of them, but don’t let that confuse you. If it helps clear things up, this movie was originally released in Hong Kong as Yes, Madam! That doesn’t help clear things up? Yeah, it doesn’t.

Once you stop worrying about the dozens of confusing titles it’s been given in different countries and releases, there’s a lot to love about In the Line of Duty II: The Super Cops. First of all, it’s got young Michelle Yeoh and young Cynthia Rothrock kicking lots of ass. A likely Oscar nominee and our pal Rothrock, doing roundhouse kicks together! Speaking of Cynthia Rothrock, she comes to this movie equipped with a posh British accent. It’s dubbing, sure, but kinda makes you wish she’d had the same voice for Santa’s Summer House.

There’s a big crime plot with a big cheesy crime boss - he loves to laugh, our favorite kind of villain. There’s also a lot of unfortunate comic relief with some dudes who stole a microfilm, and one of the dudes is named Fingers. Get ready to love Fingers! Uh, sorry for how that sounds.

Hong Kong martial arts fun with some truly impressive stunts, combined with '80s lady mullets and fancy British Rothrock, what more could you want? Take a deep breath so you can say the full title and enjoy In the Line of Duty II: The Super Cops with Mike, Kevin and Bill!

Written by: Mike Nelson, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason

Contributing writers: Jason Miller and Zach Shatzer

Rated TV-MA for bloody, brutal violence, crude sexual language, and badly-dubbed British accents

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Poster art by Len Peralta
Poster art by Len Peralta

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Adult language

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January 6, 2023


78 minutes
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