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Gumby: The Glob and The Groobee

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Gumby is back in two unspeakable adventures that test the limits of claymation and decency!

First off, Gumby’s taken up sculpture. Already distressing, we know. But wait til you see what he’s making! It’s a horrific lump with razor sharp teeth, and much like Frankenstein, it immediately tries to destroy its creator. (Sadly, the name of the guy who created Frankenstein has been lost to history.) Will Gumby escape ? He better, because he’s got to endanger some animals in part two!

You see, the lion at the Gumbasia zoo has died from an illness. Instead of spearheading a campaign to shut down this local misery factory, Gumby sets out to capture it not one, but three wild lions. When someone points out that these lions were not born in captivity, combined with the zoo’s already established 100% lion fatality rate, means almost certain death for them, Gumby traps a few more exotic animals as well. It’s all made possible by a friendly WC Fields lookalike. You know, for the kids!

Groobees and Globs factor into it all as well, as you’d expect. Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for two all new Gumby “adventures!”

Written by Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Sean Thomason

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April 13, 2024


11 minutes
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