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Gumby: Baker's Tour & Gumby's Concerto

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Gumby, everyone’s favorite malleable substance / god-king, is back in our first RiffTrax Gumby Double Feature. 

First, Gumby is lured into an oven by a sentient ball of dough. Looks like Gumby fans aren’t the only ones getting baked! But seriously, Pokey dies and Gumby learns a very valuable lesson about croissants or something.

Next, Gumby joins the pantheon of great classical musicians, like John Williams and The Guy That Did The String Arrangements on Wu-Tang’s “Reunited”. A pair of musical notes teach him the many wonders of the symphony, which sadly, does not lead to Pokey dying again.

Will you learn anything? No. Will you wonder what the clay Gumby is made of tastes like? Almost certainly. Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for another trip into the Gumbyverse!

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March 18, 2023


10 minutes
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