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Getting Angry

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Like it or not, every one of us gets angry.

Maybe someone cuts you off in traffic, and you make an obscene gesture. Maybe someone doesn't clean up after their dog and you get a little steamed. Maybe the guy who calls in to the sports talk radio show right before has the nerve, the *utter nerve* to suggest that Tim Raines does not belong in the baseball hall of fame and you’re forced to spew bile-filled invective about him and maybe suggest that he in fact should be legally prohibited from reproducing and you find yourself driving over to his house clutching a lit molotov cocktail because Tim Raines’ lifetime on base stats are pretty much identical to Tony Gwynn’s except for oh, the nearly *five hundred* more stolen bases and three world series rings so I’ll see you in hell Joe from Queens A-HAHAHAHAH—

Sorry, got a little carried away there. The point is, we all get angry. The kid in this short certainly does, and with just cause! You see, he brought a toy space capsule to school for show and tell, and some other careless kids knocked it over. What transpires would make Kurosawa proud as the retelling of events includes multiple viewpoints, with unreliable narrators, conflicting accounts, and a break for snack time.

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for the *Rashomon* of educational shorts: Getting Angry.

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January 27, 2015


7 minutes