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Fishing Vagabonds

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The Hell’s Angels. The Yakuza. The Five Points Gang. The Crips. The Bloods. None of these groups inspired as much terror in their communities than the subject of our new short: the Fishing Vagabonds.

They ruled the Central Coast with an iron fist. Mothers would cover their children's eyes when one of the Fishing Vagabonds passed by. “Don’t look them in the eye, sweetie, or you’ll wind up as bait.” It’s rumored in many a seaside tavern that the hooks they used were made from human bone…

Okay, fine. The Fishing Vagabonds are fun-loving married couples who go on a fishing jaunt in full 1950s style. Are you happy? Well you should be, because they are. In their white swim caps and fine matching boats, these “Vagabonds” recklessly obey all sea-fishing rules and go out of their way to mention how “girls are useless on a fishing trip.” They also plan a “chowder party” which has to be something unwholesome, right?

It’s also the only fishing film ever compared to The Wizard of Oz (because it abruptly goes from black & white to color shortly after it starts).

Hide a warrant in your tackle box so you can help Mike, Kevin and Bill finally apprehend the notorious Fishing Vagabonds!

Written by Mike Nelson and Conor Lastowka

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July 3, 2024


8 minutes
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