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Fashion Horizons

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Fashion Horizons! No, it’s not a nautical clothing store at the mall. It’s a little slice of history, a travelogue from back when commercial airliners were new and shiny and filled with traveling model/actresses, apparently.

The short is also historic because it features all sorts of exciting fabrics that were new then, but absolute mainstays of every woman’s wardrobe today. Fabrics like “matte-latex”! Ah, what little girl hasn’t dreamed of growing up someday to be married in a matte-latex gown, sweating as if wrapped in car seat vinyl, eventually passing out from the heat and cooked-in stench. Fashion!

From Phoenix to Panama, there’s no blisteringly hot locale these ladies won’t be forced to suffer in their shiny plastic clothing. And might the narrator focus a little too much on the “Latin flavor” of Esther Fernandez, credited in the opening as “Paramount’s Mexican Discovery”? The answer is yes, yes, the narrator definitely focuses on that too much.

Don’t hesitate, join Mike, Kevin, and Bill on this journey through the world of probably toxic glamour, Fashion Horizons!

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June 2, 2014


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