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Don't Get Angry

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What are the three words most guaranteed to be followed by something that will make you angry? That’s right, Don’t Get Angry! As in, “don’t get angry, but I tried to clean some bricks in your washing machine,” or “don’t get angry, but I’m punching you in the ribs right now as hard as I can.” On top of all that, Don’t Get Angry happens to be the title of our newest short. But please, don’t get angry.

Who’s not getting angry in this short? No one. Which is to say, everyone is getting angry. And who’s everyone? Kids. Adorable 1950s kids with names like Priscilla and Carol, and oceans of rage right under the surface. From jump rope gone wrong to a flaky friend canceling plans, virtually anything can set these kids off into a punch-throwing, spittle-flecked tantrum. Given all that, how does Don’t Get Angry teach children not to get angry? Don’t get angry, but it doesn’t teach them anything at all.

Don’t get angry, get Don’t Get Angry! With Mike, Kevin, and Bill. Who are, of course, kind of angry.

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Movie Decade

Movie Decade

Release date

June 24, 2016


11 minutes