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High School Musical
Walking to School
Safe Living at School
Beginning Responsibility: Getting Ready for School
Starting School
Primary Safety: In the School Building
Back to School with Joan Miller
Manners in School (Studio ed.)
Beginning Responsibility: Doing Things For Ourselves In School
High School Hero
High School U.S.A.
Reading: Who needs it?
The Bill of Rights in Action
Lovely But Deadly
Color it Clean
Curse of Bigfoot
Fist of Fury
The Big Yellow Fellow
Library World
Fever Lake
Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory (Matthew J. Elliott and Ian Potter)
Just Awful
Am I Trustworthy?
The Last Slumber Party
Oh, Boy! Babies!
Vengeance of the Dead
Feelings: I'm Feeling Alone
Shorts to Astonish!
Reefer Madness
RiffTrax Presents: Dirty Dancing
Things Are Different Now
Join Hands, Let Go!
You're the Judge
Life in the Suburbs (Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl)
Duties of a Secretary
Rescue Me
Giant from the Unknown
Shorts-Tacular Shorts-Stravaganza
What it Means to be an American (Part 1)
Mr. B Natural
Willy Whistle