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Invasion of the Animal People
Berserker: Hell's Warrior
People Soup
Six Murderous Beliefs
Harry the Dirty Dog
Drawing for Beginners: The Square
A Day with Fireman Bill
The Journey: Absolution
Starship Invasions
Jack Frost
Christmas Customs Near and Far
Beyond Christmas
Spunky the Snowman
Santa Claus' Workshop
Gifts from the Air
Farm Family in Winter
Let's Talk Turkey
Pressure Point
The Hothead / The Forgetter
The Babysitter
Wes Craven's Mind Ripper
Farm Family in Autumn
Kill and Kill Again
Boredom at Work
Psychotronic Man
Merlin the Return
Deadly Instincts
Miami Connection
Farm Family in Summer
Final Justice
Soapy The Germ Fighter (Live Edition)
Truck Song
The Little Unicorn
RiffTrax Live: Samurai Cop
RiffTrax Presents: HANGAR 18 (with Matthew J. Elliott and Ian Potter)
Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident
Star Games
American Look
Allen is my Brother