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Arranging the Buffet Supper
The Most Dangerous Game
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
Little Red Riding Hood
Strange Impersonation
Sherlock Holmes: Terror By Night
Festival of Fun Days
Bridget and Mary Jo's Halloween Safety and Monster Movie Mash-up
What is a Map
Vacation Days
High School Hero
Tommy's Day
Jack and the Beanstalk
Purple Death from Outer Space (with Matthew J. Elliott and Ian Potter)
Farm Animals
Sherlock Holmes: Dressed to Kill
A Song for Santa
Drawing for Beginners: The Triangle
The Phantom Creeps
Building an Outline
Freddie Steps Out
Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green
Drawing for Beginners: The Square
Beyond Christmas
Gifts from the Air
The Babysitter
The Amazing Mr. X
Social Acceptability
Dining Together
Frustrating Fours and Fascinating Fives
A Case of Spring Fever
Rediscovery: Puppets
Batman Victorious (Episode 15)
Batman Vs. The Wizard (Episode 14)
Batman: The Wizard's Challenge (Episode 13)
Batman: Robin Rides the Wind (Episode 12)
Scared to Death (Matthew J. Elliott and Ian Potter)
Batman: Robin's Ruse (Episode 11)
Batman's Last Chance (Episode 10)
How to Keep a Job