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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
American Thrift Part 1
A Circus Wakes Up
Dragon Wars: D-War
The Matrix Revolutions
Women in Blue
The Case of Tommy Tucker (Part 2)
What It Means to Be An American (Part 2)
The Case of Tommy Tucker (Part 1)
What it Means to be an American (Part 1)
Cork - Crashes and Curiosities
Teenagers on Trial
Planet of the Apes (Matthew J. Elliott)
Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Rituals
Flying Stewardess
The Tale of Moose Baby
Fast and Furious (4)
RiffTrax Presents: Batman Forever
Wing Claw and Fang!
Shake Hands With Danger
The Bill of Rights in Action
Highway Mania
Back to School with Joan Miller
The Running Man (with Blame Society Productions)
Red Dawn
Shorts Vol. 2
Voodoo Man
Alcohol Trigger Films
Planet of Dinosaurs
Toward Emotional Maturity
Snap Out Of It!
What About Juvenile Delinquency?
Cooking Terms
Damaged Goods
Primary Safety: In the School Building
You And Your Family