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A Day of Thanksgiving
Dining Together
Measuring Man!
Halloween Party
The Snob
Oh, Boy! Babies!
The Prom: It's a Pleasure
William From Georgia to Harlem
Cindy Goes to a Party
Naturally a Girl
The Relaxed Wife + Consuming Women
Animal Antics
A Word to the Wives
Shorts Assemble!
Life in the Suburbs (Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl)
The Myths of Shoplifting
With An All-star Cast
Starting School
Study Skills: Verbal Communication Made Easy
Getting Angry
Duck and Cover
Behave, Bernard!
Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen
Zlateh the Goat
Frustrating Fours and Fascinating Fives
At Your Fingertips: Play Clay
Warty, The Toad
A Case of Spring Fever
Rediscovery: Puppets
Batman Victorious (Episode 15)
Batman Vs. The Wizard (Episode 14)
Batman: The Wizard's Challenge (Episode 13)
Flying Saucer Mystery
RiffTrax Animated Intro
Batman: Robin Rides the Wind (Episode 12)
Willy Whistle
Clean and Neat with Harv and Marv
Read On! from Left to Right
Batman: Robin's Ruse (Episode 11)
Color it Clean
Batman's Last Chance (Episode 10)
Fashion Horizons