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Busy Bodies

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Busy Bodies - no, it’s not a movie about zombie parents who worry they just don’t have enough time to spend with their kids ever since they died and came back. Instead, it’s our newest short!

What do children exercising and animals lounging at the zoo have in common? They’re both extremely inexpensive to film. And the people who made Busy Bodies seized on that big time! Stitching together footage of kids and animals doing vaguely similar actions, the short is truly a masterclass in how to get paid to make something that kind of feels like something, but actually isn’t anything. Just ask the “lazy lion” who’s one of the main busy bodies in Busy Bodies. How can a lion be both lazy AND busy, you ask? Watch the film! You won’t get an answer, but it’s still worth watching.

Get busy getting Busy Bodies, riffed with maximum busyness by Mike, Kevin, and Bill!

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Movie Decade

Movie Decade

Release date

March 29, 2017


10 minutes
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