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Bloody Pit of Horror

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When a group of sexy ladies shows up to take sexy pictures in a sexy castle that once belonged to a sexy executioner who may or may not be the reincarnation of the sexy Marquis de Sade, one thing is for sure: we just used the word ‘sexy’ seven times in one sentence (including the ‘sexy’ after the colon and this one inside the parenthesis.)

Yes, unfortunately for the llllllllllladies, a guy who thinks he’s the legendary Crimson Executioner is haunting the castle. Wearing nothing but pair of tights and a skullcap that makes him look like a perverted matchstick, clearly this fiend is an unstoppable menace, who may or may not spend more on chest waxing every month than he does on groceries.

The insane, diabolical, evil-to-the-core Crimson Executioner (real name: Travis) has a variety of torture implements gathering dust in his basement. They range from the traditional (Iron Maiden) to the idiotic (spider piñata) to the highly specific (Suge Knight dangles you by your ankles over a balcony, may only apply to Vanilla Ice.)

Filmed in PSYCHOVISION, (which we hear Fellini used to shoot in), Bloody Pit of Horror is must see Italian horror at its cheesiest. Mike, Kevin and Bill brave the spider piñata and give it their bloody best.

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Poster art by Jason Martian
Poster art by Jason Martian

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July 13, 2012


74 minutes
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