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Beginning Responsibility: Taking Care of Things

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Our new short, Beginning Responsibility: Taking Care Of Things is NOT to be confused with our other short, Beginning Responsibility: Taking Care Of Your Own Things. That one was made in the 70s and was about a little boy named Reggie with an appalling talking pillow. This one was made in the 50s and is about a little boy named Andy with appalling dead tadpoles. Totally different!

Andy is a kid with a lot of problems. He drops a pencil in his elementary school classroom, and then has to sharpen the pencil in front of the whole class. Sharpening a pencil, so embarrassing, can you even imagine the shame? His teacher scolds him for being a “baby” and he becomes even less popular than he already was.

Trying to rehab his image, the friendless and broken-penciled boy convinces an older kid named Fred to come over and see his room. Fred is immediately and justifiably horrified when Andy shows him his TWO DEAD TADPOLES. That’s right, two big brown globs of dead ‘pole are just floating in Andy’s fishbowl, where they’ll stay for the rest of the short. Fred takes off, and Andy’s mom teaches him how to be popular… by helping his sister reattach a doll’s head. Thanks mom, it’s starting to become clear why Andy is a loner.

Will responsibility ever begin? Coronet made about 30 films with that title so we’re starting to wonder. Learn some important lessons about tadpole management and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for Beginning Responsibility: Taking Care of Things!

Written by Mike Nelson, Conor Lastowka, and Sean Thomason

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January 15, 2022


11 minutes