Contains moments of Astro-Toplessness

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Dead bodies are disappearing and being reanimated as horrible undead ghouls! Who could be responsible? The undercover Air Force investigator? The burlesque dancer? The local mad scientist who has sworn revenge on a society that has forsaken him and even has his own personal Igor? Uh, probably the last one. Why was this even a question?

Reuniting Tom “The Kid” Pace with his Girl in Gold Boots director Ted V. Mikels, Astro-Zombies are neither zombies nor the dog from The Jetsons. The film also stars John Carradine, who aged approximately 92 years in the 28 years between The Grapes of Wrath and this movie. Astro-Zombies is the type of schlockfest that will have you gasping “Wait, how long has this lab scene been going on? They just showed the assistant turning that dial. Wait, now they’re showing it again??”

Note: This RiffTrax is identical to the commentary on the recent DVD/Blu-ray release.

Senior writers:
Conor Lastowka
Sean Thomason

Contributing writers: Mike Schuster, Molly Hodgdon, and Jason Miller


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Release date

October 11, 2016


92 minutes
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