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Drinking problems! In real life? Devastating addictions that can ruin careers and tear marriages apart. Clumsily depicted onscreen in 70s educational shorts? Hilarious!

Chuck is the oily star of Alcohol. Like Don Draper, he just needs a shot or two to take the edge off and close the deal. Unlike Don Draper, he then fails to close the deal, instead drinks more, and vomits onto his stapler.

When Chuck’s wife finally pushes him too far by insisting that he remain mostly sober for a few hours and accompany her to dinner with his own parents, he takes off with the office lowlife on a bender you would never be able to forget, were it actually shown in the film. Instead, you’re treated to the hungover aftermath, as Chuck wonders how he let a tiger into his apartment, met Mike Tyson, and made a crappy cash-in sequel.

Mike, Kevin and Bill team up to riff one of their top three intoxicating liquid substances, Alcohol!

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March 1, 2012


11 minutes