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Absolute Force

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Absolute Force is an absolutely forced, '90s action shoot-‘em-up in the purest direct-to-video form.

It comes complete with a confusing government plot, “getting the gang back together,” warehouse fights, and of course, a middle-aged man living out the ultimate power fantasy!

“Bottoms up!” is what we might say if the star Timothy Bottoms were more of a household name. What, The Paper Chase and playing George W. Bush in That’s My Bush! weren’t enough? Timothy leads a tough crew called Absolute Force - or Total Force, depending on which video release of the movie you’re looking at. He’s a wild card but he’s got a man on the inside, a man who keeps the world’s biggest whiskey flask in a duffel bag in his trunk. Seriously, the Huge Flask deserves its own spinoff. After Timothy is framed via the most unbelievable Photoshop work ever committed to film, he has to rely on old friends to clear his name and save the nation.

And who are his old friends? Really just this one cage-fighter dude and, of course, a Carradine. But this time it’s a lady Carradine! Calista, daughter of David, plays the sexy field agent / undercover stripper who is also the group’s tech expert… look, with a crew this small, some people have to wear a lot of hats, okay??

Come for the anti-terrorism action, stay for the perplexing dry-hump sex scene. It’d be an absolute shame to miss Absolute Force with Mike, Kevin and Bill!

Written by: Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Conor Lastowka, Sean Thomason, Jason Miller, and Zachary Shatzer

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Poster art by Michael Kupperman
Poster art by Michael Kupperman

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May 2, 2024


70 minutes