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Ladies and gentlemen, the Future has been pushing us all around long enough. We here at RiffTrax think it's high time we fight it! And who better to join our battle against That Which Is To Come than two maladjusted, mumbling FBI agents from a cancelled TV show? Yes, in anticipation of this summer's decade-later sequel, RiffTrax Presents takes on this first X-Files movie... which evidently had little success in fighting the future, since, you know, we're IN that future. And this future still contains Hot Pockets. (...Yeah, real ace work, future-fighting 1998 people!) Bill Corbett (a.k.a. Burrito Eating Man) is joined by former MST3K colleague and current Cinematic Titanic diva Mary Jo Pehl (a.k.a. Nap Taking Woman) in their attempt to decipher just what the hell Duchovny is saying. Does this man's contract stipulate that he be allowed a mouthful of porridge on set, at all times? Join us and find out!

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