Walking to School

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Imagine you are a 1950s elementary school student, and you have just walked to school. Sure, you didn’t really want to go, but now you’re there and ready to learn. Maybe enjoy a vintage Cold War-era nuclear bomb drill, a great opportunity to crawl under your desk. As you settle in, resting your legs which you have just used to walk to school, the teacher puts an educational film into the projector. The subject...Walking to School?!?! What!? But, but, that’s what you just did! It’s the one thing you DEFINITELY don’t need to learn! Just by virtue of BEING at school, it should be clear that...no, no, you calm yourself. Teacher knows what she’s doing, quell your rage, this film must have value.

WRONG AGAIN! As the minutes of your life tick by, you see the film is nothing but an excruciating real-time enactment of two kids walking to school! And these particular kids happen to live absurdly far from their school, traversing overpasses, underground tunnels, and even unexplored regions of the Yukon in their voyage. And, wait, they’re brother and sister, why won’t they stop holding hands?! You hold your tongue and prepare to take out your stifled aggression on anyone who looks at you funny at recess later in the day, because it’s the 1950s and that’s just what you do.

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill as they hurl stale Twinkies at passing kids who are Walking to School. And once they’re done with that part of their everyday morning routine, they will watch the short Walking to School!

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Release date

February 11, 2011

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