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Voodoo Man

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You asked for more voodoo—and we deliver, with a RiffTrax exclusive*, Voodoo Man. Young women are vanishing somewhere on the road that leads to the creepy old house of a deranged bachelor (Bela Lugosi) and his two lonely assistants. Remarkably, no one thinks to question the deranged bachelor and his two lonely assistants, so the disappearances just keep stacking up. Until one day when the blandest man alive ("Ralph", appropriately enough) uses his remarkable ability to run out of gas at just the right time and discovers their plot. The highlight for most people will be the most shameful performance of John Carradine's career as a thin, mincing idiot, and the most shameful performance of George Zucco's career (they must have had a bet going) as a voodoo priest/gas station clerk.

Mike, Kevin and Bill return to the loving (and needle tracked) arms of Bela Lugosi as Voodoo Man.

*Once thought lost, our crack staff found it in the caves at Nag Hammadi. Except for one, very brief moment it's a great print, too, and you literally can't find it anywhere else!

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Release date

June 10, 2009


60 minutes

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