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3 December 2007

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Now you can watch this Stooge classic with the RiffTrax combined


Swing Parade! A delightful festival, of singing, dancing, puppet shows, treachery, swashbuckling, fandangos, lambadas, orangutans… fireworks… slip n’ slides… All right, we admit it: we have no idea what a Swing Parade is! Even after watching the whole movie, we find the concept utterly baffling. What we can tell you is that the Three Stooges are involved. That’s a definite plus. There’s a great song about a mule. Put that one in the plus column. And that’s really about it for the plus column. Fortunately, we have a plus so big it won’t even fit in a plus column. RiffTrax! The biggest plus of them all. And it’s now available to download and watch in one easy RiffTrax/Movie package (Mule not included.)



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