Values: Understanding Ourselves

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Values: Understanding Ourselves is the tale of three small boys who find a rusty hubcap in an abandoned lot and take turns rubbing it and wishing for it to turn them into a fellow classmate.  "Stop right there", you are no doubt saying. "If Hollywood decides to revisit that played out, 'three boys find a hubcap and rub it' plot one more time, I will just freak out man!!!"

Yes, by now it's a bit of a cliche.  But we think you will find that this particular "Three boys and a hubcap" story brings something new to the table: complete and utter incoherence.  The message, is ostensibly, "values".  And it's quite likely that back in the fifties, the term "values" had an entirely different meaning, as did "gay" or "internet".*  But we've been unable to discern that meaning.  Our best guess so far is that it meant "nougat".

Join Mike, Kevin and Bill in the abandoned lot of your imagination, for Nougat: Understanding Ourselves.

*It meant "gay", oddly enough. 

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Release date

November 9, 2010

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