Unto the Least of These

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Our latest short takes its name from a famous quote from The Gospel of Matthew.  Or maybe it was from the episode of Eek The Cat, "Eek vs the Flying Saucers."  What's important is that even though our newest short derives its title from one of these two important works, its subject matter, the Attwater's Prairie Chicken, does not appear in either work (we're certain about the Eek the Cat episode, less up to speed on our book of Matthew.)

Yes, at the time the short was made, the Attwater's Prairie Chicken appeared to be Booming it's way towards extinction.  The chickens' famed Booming grounds, where they once Boomed by the hundreds of thousands, had been paved over for a Showbiz Pizza, leaving them Boom-less.  (After repeated viewings of the short, we think Booming refers to some sort of dice game.)

The short details the efforts of a few concerned citizens, with nothing, literally nothing better to do than to save some chickens who it appears were public enemy one of Natural Selection.  Hastily taped cardboard boxes, helicopters mounted with huge Wile E. Coyote inspired nets and, yes, Booming, all figure prominently.

Mike, Kevin and Bill take a break from Booming to riff Unto the Least of These.

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Release date

December 7, 2010

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