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Pop quiz hotshot:  Your father tells you that your grandmother has fallen and badly hurt herself.  What do you do?

Like most of us here at RiffTrax, you probably answered "Call an attorney to jump start the inheritance process."  Well, this self-centered attitude is what separates regular guys like us from Understanding Your Ideals star Jeffrey Moore.  When Jeffrey hears this tragic news, his first thoughts are not of himself, but instead of others.  Specifically, of the girl that he was supposed to take to the dance that night.  He had hoped to pick her up in the family car, which is instead speeding towards Grandma's prone, frail person. How disappointed this young girl will be when she learns she has to take the bus!

OK, it actually turns out that Jeffrey is just as bad, if not worse, than most of us.  Why?  He is lacking "ideals", which if we understood the short correctly, are like headlights on your car, in that if you accidentally leave them on while you're at work, you have to get a jump from the last guy to leave the building, usually the creepy guy from IT who breathes really loudly in the elevator.

After watching this short, Mike, Kevin and Bill are no closer to Understanding Their Ideals.  They do, however, Understand Your Ideals, and frankly, are very disappointed with how you've turned out.


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March 28, 2009

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