Tooth Truth with Harv and Marv

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Most of us know the basics of dental hygiene. Brush after after every nine breaths, floss with a business card on public transportation, and gargle with Mountain Dew. So to be honest, it’s fairly insulting that the producers of Tooth Truth with Harv and Marv thought we needed an entire instructional video.

And while it may be insulting that they thought this, the reality of their unspeakable creation verges much more towards horrifying. Harv and Marv are twisted little hobo/imp/hobbits, with laughs that rival the Ice Cream Bunny’s in terms of future scream-yourself-awake nightmares. And see that creature in the Tooth Truth poster? Looks like someone who should be playing Poison covers at a country fair right? Well, that’s the Tooth Fairy in this sick universe! That’s right, she sneaks into your children’s bedrooms after they are asleep and pays them for pieces of their mouth!

Mike, Kevin and BIll team up to riff Tooth Truth with Harv and Marv, the pinnacle of the mismatched buddy tooth instructional video genre.

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Release date

May 3, 2011

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